Information Systems and Technology

Information Technology often presents more challenges to organizations than solutions.  UNYTER brings both an IT philosophy and practice that embraces an IT Service Management Model, based on The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), which helps CIOs deliver sustainable enterprise-wide solutions.  

We view IT through the eyes of our customers, placing a premium on the four critical hot buttons today for CIOs and IT managers throughout the government:  IT Security, Enterprise Architechture, IT Service Management, and IT Governance.  We recognize that IT plays a critical, mission-enabling role in every orgazination and perform these services for numerous  agencies nationwide.

UNYTER delivers award-winning federal  IT support guided by proven managers.  From cutting-edge, high-speed network architectures to management of highly geographically distributed workstation environments, UNYTER's engineers deliver secure, user-focused support.  UNYTER's expertise ranges from 24x7 help desk services to the most advanced network engineering and prototyping.

IT Security

Enterprise Architecture

IT Service Management

IT Governance